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                                                      Tribute to my uncle, Jim Baker.

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  Coming soon!  V-10 powered desert machine.  90% done, 54" Michelins
  on double bead lock 2 piece rims. Built on a Ford Excursion frame, 4x4
  with low range and street legal.  44 gallon tank, radiator in the rear.

  Offered at $65,000.


   Tribute to my uncle below, Jim Baker
      Please click here to see more about him.

  I can build whatever you can dream!!!!

 Call me if you want me to build this for you...

                        Jeremy  520-241-8888


  I build custom beds for any truck...

I can do low if u want low.....





      You want badass?  I build badass machines.

MORE PICS!  Offered at $72.000   sold
F-250, V-10 rockcrawler.  Running military beadlocks and 54" Michelin military tires. 


MORE PICS!  !  This machine is available!  $45,000
Ok, want big?  Take an International, build a lift kit,  7-speed manual, gooseneck hitch,
military double beadlock rims.   Ooooh weee, it's a big machine.  Perfect for towing horse trailers.

Below:  I like to do custom stuff... note the way the bed and rear fenders fit the rear wheels on the trucks below... these are 10' long beds.

  You want a custom Jeep?  No problem....

09 Dodge Cummins lifted 4". Front axle MOVED forward 3.5"
with 5500 flares and std 2500 front wheels.  SOLD!!!!

I love to build lifted trucks, Ford and Dodge are my favorites.  I often fabricate the dropdown hangars, suspension parts, hitches etc.

Anyone can build lifts... but I love to fabricate!  Total custom Jeep by myself... Shortened cab, custom hardtop, longer wheelbase and bed.
Front axle moved forward 7 inches to clear 42 IROKS.


Cadillac Northstar powered sandrail... 520HP!  Weeeee..... I used a brand new Northstar just for Cal Connell, as he loved Cadillacs!  This ones for you Cal.

Now it was time to get serious.  1000hp big block Chevy powered
this street legal machine I built from the frame up. 200 plus MPH. SOLD!  Cal Connell helped me machine the rear hubs... Thanks Cal.

MORE PICS!  Click on the pic to see my friends too!
This section is for my crazy friends all over the US... so we can keep
up with our insane lifestyle of living on the edge...

My custom motard, XR650R, with 600F2 sportbike wheels.  CRF450 inverted front forks, and hidden subframe.

Kawaski ZX-12R with West Racing graphics.  Sold this and now ride a Kawasaki ZX-14.

Then I moved up to ZX-14s... guess you can tell I love 'em!!  My 06

Then another 06

Add another pearl white.. very rare... (Doc Frank is now the proud owner)

 The pearl white (above) has Corbin hardbags, painted to match.

This is my latest ZX14... badass fast... and I love the paint scheme on this.  Full Muzzy M14 titanium exhaust, carbon fiber can, lowered, flies out, PC with mapping.

Below, one of my favorite cars, destroyed by a drunk driver.  He died along with the passenger... both drunk, both gone.  Very rare Porsche, now gone... I hate drunk drivers.

Oooooh, not mine... but a Pagani Zonda, $1.4 million I want one!!!





































































































































































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