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F250 Rockcrawler, beginning of construction.

Early stage... area over front tires gets completely cut away.... cab has been moved back 1 foot to allow clearance for the front tires.

Bed taking shape... the rear section holding the tail lights has been boxed and tapered so bushes don't catch on that area... see below for close ups.

The truck suspension has been setup to keep it as low as possible for a low CG on the rocks, and has
bump stops on up travel, but has nearly two FEET of droop built in for severe off angles.

Tires on the rig are 54" tall Michelins, on 20x14" double bead lock wheels.

The crawler in Mexico... the bottom half is nearing completion, next comes encasing the upper sides.

The V-10 power comes in handy in the sand dunes....


Right side, upper body finished... rear bed needs sides installed....

Unit sold to Charlie Probert, Billings Montana  By his request, custom doors fabricated. 
Delivered 06-2013