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 I know this is bragging, but I was riding mile long wheelies in 1980.
 long before the term "stunt rider" even existed... My 6 cylinder CBX
 getting with it on the on ramp to I-95

Yes, all the guys I hang with are pretty much adrenaline junkies... Funny how we
seem to find each other....  Hey, somebody tell him he's getting close to that concrete
wall... at 95mph...!!!!  see below...  :)

                                           Right, geesh, somewhere around 1995...------>
                                            with Doc Gardner's boy on the back...



How's this for fun below... somewhere around 1976, going to college
in Wilmington, NC.  Living in Fountainhead... with my best friends all riding
buddies... Carl Smith, who lived on the second floor... and rode and H-2 as well...!!!

That's "Lawrence Florence" walking behind... and notice the "beater" station wagon, his... :)
I lived on "Plum Nearly Lane" (notice the street sign).  My apartment was on the bottom floor, also known
as Jere's garage, as everyone used it on cold days to work on their bike.   One time Reggie decided
to change his oil on my carpet, with NO oil pan underneath... carpet ruined... no problem, we just
"borrowed" a full carpet from another apartment...  Don't forget the "Bear Brothers" that lived on the 2nd
floor apartment to the right... Those were the days....  I don't know what I was thinking this day... in NC
helmets were required, but I decided to go for a ride without one... got chased by the cops as usual and
simply ran away... common back then  :)  I have no idea who took this pic... it showed up one day under my door.
















Easter, 2006... Frank from Texas, running his hybrid International... above

Scott, using that V-8 power to get up this ledge... PS, he's an A-10 pilot... hats off to our guys that serve...fly safe buddy.
If your CO saw you doing this he'd ground you... at least your Jeep that is...



  On the beach in Los Mochis, Mexico.for Dustins's wedding  Aug, 2006

At the dunes on Easter....2005

Low enough for ya????

Guy Breen churning up some dirt...13 years old... Who taught ya???  :)

Mac and Jerry, killed on their bikes together... we all miss them .....

My dog Roofie and I...!!!! August 2005

Getting with it at Deal's Gap... one of my favorite places to ride

at Deal's Gap in a buggy I built

The "Tree of Shame" up at Deal's Gap... when you blow a turn racing the mountain...

Did somebody say... TOP SPEED RUNS?????  Let's GO!!!!!

My favorite place to be, the falls behind my house in Tucson

Running of the bulls....

Two of my friends, Mike and Frank up on Mt Lemmon....

Flying a Skyboy Cobra...

Tucson monkey rodeo...



Me on the left and my crazy friend Tank, who talked me into being the rockers from "Kiss"